Solar Options provides consulting, and maintenance service of new and existing solar hot water, photovoltaic, and pool heating systems throughout the state of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

solar roof panels

Solar Roof Panels

At Solar Options, our mission is to provide homeowners in Southern New England communities the opportunity to become part of the renewable energy future. Our goal is to provide you with a long lasting, trouble free renewable energy system. We accomplish this with proper system design, high quality components, expert installation, and adhering to code compliant practices. Our team of professionals is prepared to deliver quality solar energy systems that you will enjoy and benefit from for years to come and our firm is grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Solar Options is a full service, fully licensed and insured solar energy firm in RI offering unmatched customer service for installations of Solar Hot Water systems with either flat plate collectors or evacuated tube collectors, Solar Electric PV systems either grid-tied, hybrid, or off-grid , and Solar Pool Heating systems either seasonal or year round. Call us today at 401-246-1802 for a consultation or site analysis.

3 Steps for Homeowners
to Reduce Their Energy Footprint

Step 1: Conservation – making do with less
Step 2: Energy efficiency – reducing your energy demand
Step 3: Investing in Renewable Energy – securing sustainable energy for future generations

NOTE: Take advantage of current Federal and State renewable energy tax incentives before they expire and make the socially responsible choice of reducing our dependence on fossil fueled energy for our country’s future and future generations.

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